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Bye bye *cries* [
Monday April 10th 2006 // 5:08 pm

[ mood | excited ]


bye bye.

well, halt! Say goodbye to this journal.
I moved to a new journal >> xxx306.
Friends only journal.

sorry for the looooooooong disappearance.
so i won't be using this journal anymore.



2006 [
Sunday January 1st 2006 // 12:00 am

[ mood | sad ]

Happy new year!!!

I won't be around until 12 March 2006. Blame National Service.
Will be missing you all.


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OMG. [
Saturday December 17th 2005 // 2:17 am

[ mood | awake ]

Franz Live in Bangkok Feb '06!!!! + Oasis + Placebo + Maximo Park + etc
I'm dying over here!!! I want to go!! Bloody hell!!!

And I heard Muse will be performing live @ Backroom, KL this 31st December. (Don't know yet tho..) My God. MUSE!!!!

I'm going back to my hometown in Miri, Sarawak today at 4.25pm for almost 2 weeks. I miss my hometown very much!! Waiting for so long to go there and visit my friends. Yay!! Finally!!!
And I'm gonna miss my bf.. *sobs* T_T


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xxx [
Saturday November 12th 2005 // 12:07 pm

[ mood | thoughtful ]


bloody... [
Saturday November 12th 2005 // 2:52 am

[ mood | stressed ]


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yesh [
Sunday October 9th 2005 // 8:43 am

[ mood | cold ]

Waaa I really want to buy these stuff:

+ You Could Have It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand (Haven't released yet in M'sia. Damn it!)
+ Ex-Girlfriends - Low Millions
+ X&Y - Coldplay
+ Dookie - Greenday (I want to buy this!! My boyfriend loves this album so much!)
but too bad...I'm out of money, again. Argh.

Anyway, my date last week was great. =D Really great. He bought a super-huge & cute teddy bear for me!! wow. I'm speechless.
He named it Junior, by the way. XP

I miss him. =(


=D [
Wednesday September 28th 2005 // 4:55 pm

[ mood | full ]

*waves* I'm here, still alive and well. Been busy lately.

Just finished SPM trials yesterday.. phew. Now ready for the next big thing, the real SPM in November. (14 Nov. to 2 Dec) Gosh. Thinking of it makes me shiver. I'm really really nervous about it. @_@;

Anyway, updates on my life. This whole month, I'm doing nothing except studying for trials of course. Geez...I hope I will get good result. I changed my mobilephone from Motorola Mpx200 to O2 Xphone II (greatest smartphone ever)...and finally got my driving license last month. HURAHH!!! So now I'm driving to school everyday!! ^-^
My car, my babyCollapse )

Can't wait to get my hands on Franz's new album next week. Love the songs especially DYWT of course. Oh yeah, fasting starting next week too. Yayness.

psst..and I finally got myself a boyfriend. lame eh? I <3 him very much!!! This Saturday is our first date ever. Wish me luck.

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My second homescreen! [
Monday August 22nd 2005 // 12:36 pm

[ mood | sleepy ]

Calling all smartphone users!!! Do you love Franz? If yes, download this homescreen, NOW.

As you can see...I'm jobless.

Lucky lucky lucky~ [
Thursday August 18th 2005 // 6:46 pm

[ mood | crazy ]


The DYWT video is very very amusing. ^o^ I love the song!! I've been playing it again and again, more than 20 times already! I never get bored of it. ^^
Anyway..happy belated birthday to Bobbeh!!! Cheers!! And yeah, happy 25th birthday to my school!
I started playing GB again these days thanks to Sarah. Feel free to battle with me. My ID is chocobo306.



muah muah!!!

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numa numa iei... [
Thursday August 11th 2005 // 8:21 pm

[ mood | bored ]

noooo....Little Britain season 2 is over!!! =(

Today and tomorrow all schools in KL + Selangor are closed because of the haze.
I can't breathe...*coughs* It's getting worse..

Aliaa!! SPM trial in one month's time!! I better study everything.

p/s: guys...check this out

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HBP. [
Sunday July 17th 2005 // 7:35 pm

[ mood | excited ]

I'm reading HBP.
I'm reading it.
Reading it.

But unfortunately, my dad keep on yelling at me because I'm reading it instead of studying for SPM.



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Cutest thing ever. [
Wednesday July 6th 2005 // 10:22 pm

[ mood | blank ]

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seventeen. [
Thursday June 30th 2005 // 8:47 pm

[ mood | okay ]

Happy fucking 17th birthday to me.

Mmm. So today, I'm officialy 17 years old. Hurrah! I had a blast today. It was great. My friends, Cellene, Iklil, Junee and Sarah made a surprise birthday party for me. I thought my birthday this year will be like the same old boring birthday so I dozed off after reading Mysteries Of The Unexplained book. Suddenly my sister woke me up and said someone's at the door. So I hurriedly sprang out of the bed, with untidy hairdo, opened the door and my friends were waiting for me there. They set up a treasure hunt for me. So I walked around the condominium area, searching for clues. Finally, there, a yummy chocolate cake is waiting for me. =) Thanks guys. And thanks for the cake and the gifts. *big hugs*

My mom gave me Kellogg's Darth Vader Collectible Cookie Jar. Thanks mom. (I asked mom to buy me Darth Vader Voice Changer Mask but she said it's too damn expensive.) Dad promised me for a driving license but since my mom disagree about it, so I have to wait until I finish taking SPM. =(

So the news of me joining NS is spreading like wildfire.

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Random post. [
Wednesday June 22nd 2005 // 3:24 pm

[ mood | working ]

My baby
woo-hoo! So far... 39 downloads! Quite good for a newbie like me. ;P I'm thinking of making Franz homescreen later.

Back to work.
*clicks Photoshop*

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*cries* [
Monday June 20th 2005 // 3:36 pm

[ mood | sad ]


curse them. (the guy in the video)

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I don't know what to say. [
Friday June 17th 2005 // 7:47 pm

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

So, I'm in. The national service (NS). 3 students from our class were chosen, including me. So far, that's all i know from my school. I knew that some of my friends from my previous school at my hometown were chosen too. I was like crying the whole night on the day I knew I was chosen. I'm really against this fucking NS. It's totally unfair for those who were chosen. They should have made it compulsory for all school leavers. THEY SHOULD. So probably after SPM, I'll leave my house and stay at the camp for 3 months, training, marching, etc, etc. Well, the coolest part of NS is (according to a friend) they teach you how to handle M16. Isn't that superb?!

It's good to see my friends who were not chosen. They're like YAY/thank GOD/OMG I SOO WANT TO JOIN NS/whatever reactions that make me sad-er. And teachers were like CONGRATULATIONS TO WHOEVER WAS CHOSEN!! That made me cry. Shit.

Anyway, I changed the layout again. It's HORATIO! woo-hoo!

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I'm sitting on the thinking chair. [
Monday June 13th 2005 // 3:28 pm

[ mood | thoughtful ]

My first award ever. ;_; lol.

Anyway. School starts today - after 2 weeks of holiday. Sigh. 5 months to SPM. I'm dying. D-Y-I-N-G.

I drew this. I'm *too* obsessed with Star Wars. It's actually for the school magazine.
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Weee! Dad bought me CSI: MIAMI season 1 DVD boxset!!! [
Saturday June 11th 2005 // 1:19 am

[ mood | thirsty ]

I spent the whole day decorating our team's water rocket. It's for competition - school's to be exact. The highest and longest time it takes (the rocket) will win.The competition will be held on this upcoming Thursday. I can't wait for it. I guess I'll bring my camera along to take video of it. =)

Want to see the water rocket? Here it is:

Here's my baby - err...what's the name again...I can't remember.
When it goes up, the cone will open by itself - hey, it's physics - and the parachute will come off.

moreCollapse )

I wonder who's the winner for the first icon challenge at ff_i_challenge. Mm..I hope I'll win. =P
And today my lovely German friend, Felix taught me numbers in German. I think I'm getting better although I still having problem in the pronouncation. Thanks Felix. ;)

Yeah, that day I bought General Grievous and red lightsaber. And the cute R2D2 I got from Burger King. Isn't it cute?
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=3 [
Tuesday May 24th 2005 // 8:51 pm

[ mood | uncomfortable ]


*scratches head* I haven't updated my journal for a long time. Sorry. Tomorrow's the last paper for my mid-year exam, so... hurrah!
I watched Star Wars yesterday with my family. OMG. It's soooo nice. I think I fall in love with General Grievous. Heh. Anyway, I drew some characters from Star Wars. It's lame by the way.

don't click if you haven't watched Star Wars: Episode III
(my dad just seen this. *facepalms*)

**changed LJ layout. Featuring the cast of CSI: MIAMI. Horatio is so cute.

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plain talking..*sings* [
Saturday April 9th 2005 // 3:51 pm

[ mood | okay ]

Quick update:

I'm sick.
I'm still alive and well.
Can't take my eyes off the school books.
Have to study. Time is running out.
And oh,
Yesterday I went to my first ever concert, Siti Nurhaliza (local artist) who's just back from performing at Royal Albert Hall last Friday (01/04).


This song rocks my socks.


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